Hundreds of swimmers huddle along Inkwell Beach in Oak Bluffs with the September sun just beginning to rise behind them. Anxiety builds while they await the starter's call. It comes, suddenly breaking the dawn silence and sending throngs fiercely, lunging into the cool water to begin their three legged Odyssey across Martha's Vineyard.

From Oak Bluffs these bold racers will challenge the current of Vineyard Sound then transition to a grueling bike leg through Oak Bluffs and Edgartown. Belying their beauty the rolling island hills nevertheless will take their toll. Legs and lungs will burn. Those undaunted will speed on, leaving others, less strong, perhaps less capable of enduring, to marvel at the scenic backdrop.

Now, with the final turn in sight, cyclists will become runners, and runners will begin their fight to the finish line. Do you have what it takes to join these Warriors?

The Warriors of the 2011 through 2013 Vineyard Warrior triathlon defied the will of the Gods conquering beast and burden in their Odyssey across the land they call Martha's Vineyard. On Mount Olympus the gods met to discuss their fate, and after nearly one month quieting the rage of Poseidon, whose heinous creatures they surpassed without even the slightest of injury, decided on....reward !

These warriors hence became the Argonauts!* and received this trading pin to mark their glory. It was decreed, however, that their number shall never be greater than two hundred thirty four. Only when one fails to appear for the yearly test of strength and endurance they shall lose their claim to this legendary band of heroes, and another shall have the right to assume their seat. But do not lose this claim lightly, for the goddess Hera herself shall no longer be always at your side. Future Argonauts will receive another Argonaut trading pin designated by the number of uninterrupted years they competed, so that only 234 A1 Argonauts will ever exist, fewer still A2 Argonauts, and so on.

* Argonauts were a band of heroes who accompanied Jason in his quest for the Golden Fleece some time before the Trojan War. Their true number had always been unknown, until now. Argonauts receive the following beniefits:

- Registration discount 15% to future Odyssey TriSport events including Vineyard Warrior. (Applies to price current as of the date of registration and cannot be combined with other offer).

- Entry to the Argonaut only pre race dinner.

- Guaranteed entry to race. (Must be registered by one month prior to race date).

- Argonaut pin reflecting years of uninterrupted distinction.

-Argonaut tranisition towel.

- The adulation of thousands of Warriors yet to come!


Vineyard Warrior

"Safety is Golden"

We may all be warriors, used to the dangers of facing the vile creatures of mythology, but we know that safety is still important. Vineyard Warrior takes safety to a new standard.

On the water: Kayakers, Fire and Rescue Boat, Harbormaster Patrol, first 50 yards with flotation devices.

On the land an ambulance unit, trained EMT personell, on site physicians and nurses.

Imagine the heroic levels Hercules could have reached if he only had such support.


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