Martha's Vineyard is one of the most memorable places to hold a triathlon, a sport exploding in popularity across the United States and across the world. Just ten years ago, USA Triathlon had 19,000 members. Now, membership stands at 128,000. Massachusetts, tiny in size, makes up a disproportionate share of these members. With 3771, the Bay State ranks 11th among all states. In 2004 there were 1541 races in the U.S. while in 2009 there were 3115. The most recent SGMA (Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association) study released in May 2010 tells us that 1,208,000 Americans participated in at least one on-road (traditional) triathlon in 2009. This total represents 11.1 percent growth from 2008 (1,087,000) and 51.4 percent growth from 2007 (798,000). How do we satiate such a hunger for multisport?

There were only 85 triathlon events in Massachusetts in 2009, and the Olympic Distance comprised but 7 of these. With the addition of Vineyard Warrior, competitors and spectators were brought to an island already teaming with vacationers basking in the final glow of summer. Now in its second year we know the popularity of Vineyard Warrior is growing quickly, and rapidly is becoming as endearing an annual tradition as the Falmouth Road Race held just across Vineyard Sound. Competitors are but a fraction of the draw. With family, friends, and spectators, interest in the first race numbered in the thousands. Now we are adding a Sprint and a Relay Division. Also, the spectacle of a triathlon on Martha's Vineyard brought much media attention. WBZ TV Channel 4, WHDH TV Channel 7, and WBZ Radio all aired stories about Vineyard Warrior. These videos can be seen at our Facebook page (!/video/?id=100001692028646)

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Review the complete study: The Mind of the Triathlete at:

    800-1000 Competitors
    Endurance Athletes (Swimmers, Cyclists, Runners)
    Ages 18 to 60 (Avg 38.4, female 40%)
    High Socioeconomic class (median income $126,000, 88.2% Caucasian/White)
    58% participate in Olympic distance
    3000-6000 spectators
    68% of competitors are married
    44% have children living at home
    75,000 daily summertime population (12,000 arriving by ferry daily)
    41% of Seasonal residents with household income more than $150,000**
    27% of Visitors with household income more than $150,000
**Martha's Vineyard Commission 2003 Survey

    Seasonal Visitors: 35% have a primary destination of CT, RI, NY, NJ, ME, NH, VT upon
         leaving MV
    Single Day Visitors: 29% to above
    Seasonal residents and visitors were most often engaged in shopping (2/3 or more
         of all groups were engaged) while swimming ranked second and going to
         restaurants third.





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